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How can I use the Tapas PhysIO Toolbox to analyse heart-rate related data only, without wanting to extract information relating to the DICOM files?

Asked by Dorottya Lantos on 28 Jan 2019
I recently conducted an fMRI study on a Siemens Prisma scanner while measuring respiration and pulse. I have some hypotheses that correspond only to my respiration and pulse measurements. I ran a script from the Tapas PhysIO toolbox (including the DICOM, PPU, and Resp files) to preprocess the data. I am wondering where in the final .mat outputs can I find the transformed raw data corresponding to the PPU and resp files, and the pre-processed data corresponding to these measures. I believe that I should find some output here that I can use on its own (without the brain scans) for the purpose of testing my hypotheses relating to only these files, but I am not sure where I can find them. Ideally I am looking for output that I can import into programs used to analyse heart-rate related data (e.g., Kubios or labchart).
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