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I have quite seed money to purchase a computer. What is the best choice for faster calculation?

Asked by Jaemin Kim on 10 Jan 2019
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I need some help what I should purchase a computer system.
I am not familiar with hardware, especially, high end computer, and I do not have enough time to search and/or developing a computing system.
I usually calculate a electro-magnetic circuit including thousands of R-L-C. and it tooks about a couple months with my PC (i7-9700K, 64 GB RAM, GTX1060, not over-clock)
I have about $ 50,000.
  1. Cloud computer
  2. Cluster computer
  3. Many high-end PCs
How much take the time to calculate the circuit?


Thank you very much.
Your comment would be very helpful to reduce the time.
I will try calculation of a sample with maxNumCompThreads() function.
Actually, my matrix is like
m and k is much smaller than n. (about m & k ~ 30, n ~ 3000)
We need to calculate very precise digit because of huge effection from initial error.
Thank a lot. I will find out the parallel calculation effect.
If the calculations involve matrix multiplications, then with the algorithms used by BLAS, the graphs I have seen over the years suggest that for the size of matrix you are using, peak effectiveness is probably around 4 cores, with performance improvements still available to 6 cores, but by the time you reach 8 that you are not gaining much.
However, if you are doing calculations such as eigenvalue calculations, then I do not recall having seen relevant performance graphs.
I really appreciate your kindness.
My calculation is mainly matrix multiplications.
I don't have knowledge of the algorithms but I think it is the clue where I begin.
Thank you!!!

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