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Deconvolution of system output signal using Deconv

Asked by Asli Memmet on 22 Dec 2018
I want to recover the message signal by deconv() . the program takes system input(the message) and the impulse response and it convolutes them. However, the ouput signal(result of convolution) is then affected by a noise (sigma*randn(1,length(output_signal))) afterwards.
The target is to recover/restore the original message by using Deconv() function.
The problem is Deconv() returns a single float number i.e a point not the original message .
note : I tested the code the output signl is perfectly plotted however things don't work after that.
I need help!
What I have tried
Y = conv(signals, responses,'same');
% signals is a vector of signals that respresent the message.
% responses is a vector of signals that respresent the impulse response.
% both are user inputs.
sigma = 1;
noise = sigma*randn(1,length(Y));
Y = Y + noise;
[recovered_message, r] = deconv(Y, signals);


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