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In Sphere to Plane contact block from SimMechanics contact forces library, Can the penetration depth be decreased (fixed to a small number) without increasing the stiffness coefficient??

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Sai Sudhir Chalavadi
Sai Sudhir Chalavadi on 7 Sep 2018
Hi, I'm working on optimization of a suspension system which is heavy. For which I am building the model in Simulink to run kinematic and dynamic simulations. This model also requires modelling of contact. To save time and effort, I'm using the library available in SimMechanics contact forces library. As my system is heavy, I'm having to increase the contact stiffness to a significantly high number in order to attain a reasonable penetration depth. This is obviously having adverse effects on the compilation time. My model has 6 wheels and this is causing my PC to hang and crash. Please suggest a way in which I can fix the penetration depth without compelling huge loads onto my system. Somehow achieving rolling and generating torques(on the wheels) is good enough for what I'm trying to do. Thank You.

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