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IEPE vs microphone vs accelerometer channel types

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Michael Newton
Michael Newton on 19 Jul 2018
Hi there,
Can someone confirm/deny my understanding of the various IEPE-related channel types when using the session-based interface and NI (cDAQ 9234) hardware?
There appear to be 4 types of signal: voltage, microphone, accelerometer, IEPE. If I use 'IEPE', the channels in the DAQ session no longer support a sensitivity specification.
So, I have 2 questions:
(1) From this, I conclude that when Matlab offers an 'IEPE' data type, they really mean a generic voltage source to which a constant current is applied (as opposed to a direct voltage measurement without any current source supplied). Hence, there is no 'internal' sensitivity application in the data acquisition toolbox pipeline.
(2) If we are doing mechanical response measurements invovling an impact hammer and one or more accelerometers, should all such devices simply be specified as 'Accelerometer'? (rather than the apparently 'generic' IEPE type as noted in (1)
Many thanks, Mike

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