check database, save wrong rows in a new table and delete them from original database

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Erica Corradi
Erica Corradi on 5 Jul 2018
Commented: Erica Corradi on 6 Jul 2018
Hello everyone! I hope that someone can help me. I have a timetable in whose column named Column1streamId I have the name of my sensors, while in the Column1type column I have the type of sensor. I would like to check my timetable about how my sensors work. For example, the sensor called dbuid-13 (in the Column1streamId column) is the bed sensor and tells me if the patient is in / out of bed (in the Column1type column). Now I would like to analyze if for each bed/in corresponds to a bed/out (of course in chronological order) and I would like to check that between the two there is not a time greater than 24 hours. If there were more than 24 hours between the bed/in and the bed/out, I would like to save those rows in a new table, but delete them from my original database. Is there someone who can help me? Thanks in advance!!
Paolo on 5 Jul 2018
Can we not adapt the solution from the previous question for this? With output times we can easily determine whether each output spans over less than 24 hours.

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Guillaume on 5 Jul 2018
Edited: Guillaume on 5 Jul 2018
tab_night = sortrows(tab_night); %order timetable chronologically
dbuid13_rows = find(tab_night.Column1streamId == 'dbuid-13'); %get rows that correspond to sensor
tab_dbuid13 = tab_night(dbuid13_rows, :); %extract portion of table that corresponds to sensor
isduplicate = [false; diff(double(tab_dbuid13.Column1type)) == 0]; %find consecutive identical bed/in or bed/out
duplicate_rows = dbuid13_rows(isduplicate); %list of all the rows in original table that have duplicates
tab_dbuid13(isduplicate, :) = []; %remove from working table
dbuid13_rows(isduplicate) = []; %also remove from list of rows
%Now we can only have consecutive bed/in bed/out pairs (or bed/out bed/in pairs)
hourdiff = hours(tab_dbuid13.t(2:2:end) - tab_dbuid13.t(1:2:end)); %delay between corresponding bed/in - bed/out (or bed/out - bed/in)
delay_rows = dbuid13_rows(2*find(hourdiff >= 24)' - [1; 0]); %list of both rows which have a difference of 24 hours
error_rows = [duplicate_rows; delay_rows(:)]; %concatenate both lists of errors
error_table = tab_night(error_rows, :); %move all error rows into new table
error_table.reason = categorical([repelem({'duplicate'}, numel(duplicate_rows)), repelem({'delay'}, numel(delay_rows))]');
tab_night(error_rows, :) = []; %and delete
That's for dbuid-13 only.
Note that I don't check what your sequence of bed in/out starts with bed/in (or bed/out) so the difference is either between bed/in bed/out or bed/out bed/in. I wasn't sure if it was important.

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