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Relocating a Matlab Compiler project to a directory alongside source tree

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Andrew Janke
Andrew Janke on 19 Jun 2018
Commented: Andrew Janke on 3 Mar 2019
I have a large codebase that I compile using a few *.prj Matlab Compiler project files. I would like to relocate the *.prj files into their own subdirectory to keep my project's repo structure tidy. But when I do so, every time I run the compiler, it adds a big fileset.depfun section containing the absolute paths to all the *.m files in my source tree. And it changes the target output directory.
How can I keep it from doing this?
Here are the details:
I'm on Windows running Matlab R2016b.
We'll call my program the Foo application.
My current source tree layout is this:
  • C:\Foo - the main directory I do all my project stuff in
  • C:\Foo\*.prj - the current location of my project files (outside of source control)
  • C:\Foo\trunk - the Subversion-controlled working directory where I check out my source tree
  • C:\Foo\trunk\src - where all my M-files for the project live
I want to change it to be like this:
  • C:\Foo - the main directory I do all my project stuff in
  • C:\Foo\trunk - the Subversion-controlled working directory where I check out my source tree
  • C:\Foo\trunk\tools - where I keep my build & release tools (in source control now)
  • C:\Foo\trunk\tools\*.prj - new home for all those Matlab Compiler project files
  • C:\Foo\trunk\src - where all my M-files for the project live, same as before
When I moved the *.prj files over to this new structure, I opened them up in a text editor and manually edited the paths in them.
<deployment-project plugin="plugin.ezdeploy" plugin-version="1.0">
<configuration build-checksum="2118345216" file="C:\Foo\trunk\tools\FooSdk.prj" location="C:\Foo\trunk\tools" name="FooSdk" preferred-package-location="C:\Foo\FooSdk\for_redistribution" preferred-package-type="package.type.exe" target="target.ezdeploy.library" target-name="Library Compiler">
<entity.package name="">
<entity.class name="FooSdk">
<file location="${PROJECT_ROOT}\..\..\RmaSdk\for_testing" name="RmaSdk.dll" optional="false">C:\RMAStudio\RmaSdk\for_testing\RmaSdk.dll</file>
<file location="${PROJECT_ROOT}\..\..\RmaSdk\for_testing" name="readme.txt" optional="true">C:\RMAStudio\RmaSdk\for_testing\readme.txt</file>
<file location="${PROJECT_ROOT}\..\..\RmaSdk\for_testing" name="RmaSdk_overview.html" optional="false">C:\RMAStudio\RmaSdk\for_testing\RmaSdk_overview.html</file>
<file location="${PROJECT_ROOT}\..\..\RmaSdk\for_testing" name="RmaSdkNative.dll" optional="false">C:\RMAStudio\RmaSdk\for_testing\RmaSdkNative.dll</file>
When I opened up the project file in the App Compiler App, it succeeded in compiling the library without any settings changes. But then when the compilation was complete and I tried to close the dialog, it asked me if I wanted to save my changes. I chose Yes, and then when I looked at the project file afterwards, it had a new fileset.depfun element with 1400 files in it, all with absolute paths, like this:
and preferred-package-location had changed:
<configuration build-checksum="120092597" file="C:\Foo\trunk\tools\FooSdk.prj" location="C:\Foo\trunk\tools" name="FooSdk" preferred-package-location="C:\Foo\trunk\tools\FooSdk\for_redistribution" preferred-package-type="package.type.exe" target="target.ezdeploy.library" target-name="Library Compiler">
and the build-deliverables locations had changed.
<file location="${PROJECT_ROOT}\FooSdk\for_testing" name="FooSdkNative.dll" optional="false">C:\Foo\trunk\tools\FooSdk\for_testing\FooSdkNative.dll</file>
<file location="${PROJECT_ROOT}\FooSdk\for_testing" name="readme.txt" optional="true">C:\Foo\trunk\tools\FooSdk\for_testing\readme.txt</file>
<file location="${PROJECT_ROOT}\FooSdk\for_testing" name="FooSdk.dll" optional="false">C:\Foo\trunk\tools\FooSdk\for_testing\FooSdk.dll</file>
<file location="${PROJECT_ROOT}\FooSdk\for_testing" name="FooSdk_overview.html" optional="false">C:\Foo\trunk\tools\FooSdk\for_testing\FooSdk_overview.html</file>
Is there any way to get it to not do that?
Andrew Janke
Andrew Janke on 3 Mar 2019
Nope. I ended up just sticking all my *.prj files in the root of my source tree, and apologizing to my coworkers for the clutter. Sorry.

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