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GigE camera failed to open with gigecam and does not show up in imaqhwinfo('gige')

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Björn Löfving
Björn Löfving on 16 Mar 2018
Commented: ang chen on 7 Apr 2021
Camera: Allied Vision Prosilica 6600. Works OK with AVT Vimba Viewer and AVT Acquire Control.
In MATLAB 2017b, camera shows up with gigecamlist, but fails to open with gigecam.
>> gigecamlist
Model: 'GT6600 (02-2630B)'
Manufacturer: 'Allied Vision Technologies'
IPAddress: ''
SerialNumber: '02-2630B-08903'
>> g=gigecam('')
Camera failed to open. It could be in use in another MATLAB session or another application.
Tried to connect camera to LAN and directly to computer network card with PoE injector. Same result.
gige and gentl support packages installed, but imaqhwinfo('gige') doesn't see camera either. Neither does MATLAB Image acquisition app.
Any suggestion about what I should try?
ang chen
ang chen on 7 Apr 2021
Hi,have you solved this problem? Could you share the dll files that MathWorks support gave you? thanks

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Answers (3)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Mar 2018
DO you see it in Imaging Devices category in Windows Device Manager? If Windows doesn't see it then MATLAB won't see it either.
In imaqtool, you may need to do Tools->Register a third party adapter.
Try asking Allied Vision if they have any MATLAB code to get you started.

Ben Miethig
Ben Miethig on 26 Jun 2018
You probably have a firewall blocking communication between the camera and Matlab. I had the same problem when using a FLIR camera

Evan Bates
Evan Bates on 18 Mar 2019
I have the Prosilica GC660 and have the same problem. I've disabled the firewall and can not open the connection to the camera. Did you find a solution to this problem?
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Björn Löfving
Björn Löfving on 19 Mar 2019
I have a Procilica GT6600. Still not detected by MATLAB v2017b and 2018a/b. However it is detected by 2017a.
MathWorks support gave me some new dll files that made 2017b and 2018a to work. Also had to switch to Baumer drivers instead of AVT.
Also, do not use jumbo frames as described by AVT. It doesnt work.
Disable all offloading functionality in network adaptor settings!

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