How to shade area between an upper bound and lower bound curve?

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I have an upper bound curve comprised of vectors xmax, ymax. I also have a lower bound curve comprised of vectors xmin, ymin. The two curves do not connect to make a polygon but have the same number of elements. All four vectors are 1x361. How could I shade the area in between the curves given the upper and lower bounds? The .mat files for each vector are attached.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 18 Jan 2018
It would help to have at least a sample of your data. Without it, a guess is the best I can do.
With the monotonically-increasing x-vector in the first row, and the y-vector in the second row for each matrix, use the patch (link) function:
v = rand(1, 361);
vs = sort(v);
UpperBound = [vs; v + 3];
LowerBound = [vs; v + 1];
patch([UpperBound(1,:) fliplr(LowerBound(1,:))], [UpperBound(2,:) fliplr(LowerBound(2,:))], [0.1 0.5 0.9], 'EdgeColor','none')
Note: The patch function will close the curve on its own.

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