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Whenever I interactively try to change the color of a line on a plot, MATLAB hangs while attempting to open the menu.

Asked by Chuck37
on 4 Jan 2018
Latest activity Edited by TM Hoogland on 30 May 2019
I can right click and pick "color...", then it is obviously stuck in the background doing something. I can still type a command into the command window, but that will hang (including "exit" or "close"). How do I fix this? I'm running on Linux CentOS7 with -softwareopengl set.
EDIT: If I wait about 10 minutes, it returns with a bunch of red java error text. It's on another machine, so I can't paste it in, but it starts with "Error using matlab.ui.internal.dialog.WebColorChooser/show (line 72)", then something about "failed to initialize IPC".

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Same issue that I encounter on Ubuntu 18.04 with R2018a. -softwareopengl is set to prevent issues with my NVidia graphics card (which causes its own issues with Matlab). Now, upon interactively setting line color, color can't of graphics objects including lines can't be set normally. After a few minutes I receive the following error:
'Warning: The following error was caught while executing 'matlab.ui.internal.dialog.WebColorChooser' class desctructor: Error using Error using matlab.ui.internal.dialog.WebColorChooser/delete (line 60)...'

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