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How do the following code run

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Xu Guang
Xu Guang on 20 Dec 2017
In Matlab2016b, I used the block of PV Array which was masked. In the process of using the block, I found that there are many variables under the mask. And I know that these viriables were given a value by the Initialization commands in the process of block mask. But I'm confused how do the following code run.
Block = gcb; [k,k1,q,Tref_C,Tref_K,EgRef,dEgdT,Rsh_array5pc,VT_ref,Tsf,Tf,WantBlockChoice] = PVArrayInit(Block, ModuleName, Nser, Npar, Ncell, Rsh, nI, Tfilter); powericon('SetInternalModels','set',Block,WantBlockChoice); sps_rtmsupport('parametereditingmodes',Block, [3 6 7 23]);
In variable definitions, there is a variable(called ModuleName) corresponds to a number of known products in the form of popup. When a product is slected for the variable, the parameters of the block change accordingly. But in my own process of block mask, nothing happend when I changed the product. I'm confused again.
I will appreciate it if you can help me.


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