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Extend line in 3D space

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isfzade on 2 Jul 2017
Edited: isfzade on 2 Jul 2017
Origin is at [xc,yc,zc] (known)
Point is at [xo,yo,zo] (known)
Original line is from [xc,yc,zc] to [xo,yo,zo]
Need to extend the line and new line will be from [xc,yc,zc] to [xp,yp,zp].
Magnitude distance, d, from [xo,yo,zo] to [xp,yp,zp] is also known. (ie. d=5 units)
How to find [xp,yp,zp] ?
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 2 Jul 2017
Um, so what have you tried? IF nothing, then why not?
Can you create a vector of unit length that points in the direction of this line? How can you create a vector, given two points in space?
Hint #1: If you divide a vector by the norm of that vector, then the result has unit length, i.e., length will be 1.
Hint:2: If you have a vector that has unit length, and you want it to have length 5, you can multiply it by 5.

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