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Angles of line with respect to origin axis in 3D

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There is an point at [xp,yp,zp].
Its origin at [xc,yc,zc].
I need angles of line from [xc,yc,zc] to [xp,yp,zp] with respect to axes of origin as shown below.

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Fernando González
Fernando González on 2 Jul 2017
I think I posted it as a comment before instead of as an answer u.u'
gamma = atan(sqrt(((xp-xc)^2+(yp-yc)^2)/(zp-zc));
alpha = atan(sqrt(((zp-zc)^2+(yp-yc)^2)/(xp-xc));
beta = atan(sqrt(((xp-xc)^2+(zp-zc)^2)/(yp-yc));
Results in radians ofc.
Hope this is what you asked.

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