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Ellipsoid with specific head coordinate

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isfzade on 23 Jun 2017
Purpose is to draw a ellipsoid around the point cloud. It is not necessary that all point will be inside the ellipsoid (just fitting).
Centroid coordinate of whole point cloud is known as `cx,cy,cz`.
Furthest point's coordinate from centroid is `lx,ly,lz`.
I will draw an ellipsoid which's center exactly will be at `cx,cy,zy` and one of heads of ellipsoid should be exactly at `lx,ly,lz`. Other head's coordinate is not known.
Lets say length of radius of fat side (largest horizontal ring's center to surface length) is nearly equal to know value `dFat`. It is not important that largest horizontal's radius will exactly equal to `dFat`. Just being close is OK.
Number of meridian like lines stating from coordinate `lx,ly,lz` to other head is equal to `n`. Number of horizontal ring like lines which surrounding the ellipsoid is also equal to `n`. It will be given variable. As increasing the `n` ellipsoid will be more perfectly looking like ellipsoid.
As shown in the figure above, ellipsoid composed of rectangular surfaces. Needed to find coordinate matrix which is `eX(m),eY(m),eZ(m)`. This matrix contains information about the coordinate of each point on the surface of ellipsoid (corners points of rectangles). In the other words, crossing point of meridian and horizontal like lines needed to be founded.`m` will be the size of that matrix
In Matlab, ellipsoid function do not do this task by using coordinate of head. So, it is useless for me.

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