Plotting a single data line over a 2D image

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Paul C
Paul C on 5 Jun 2017
Commented: Paul C on 22 Aug 2017
Hi, I have a base 2D image that represents some data on a map. I would like to pick a line along this image, and plot the corresponding quantities ABOVE the base image (so it would appear like in a 3D visualization). I feel like this is different from using plot3 and adding a base image at its bottom with imagesc. Also different from taking a slice from a 3D volume. Is there a strategy for this?

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Yu-Tung Lin
Yu-Tung Lin on 19 Jul 2017
I assume you have the base image and the line data prepared. To plot a line above the image, I suggest to do the following.
After you plot the base image, add line and specify the X,Y,Z data.
Here, I used the same data for the base map and the line above for example. See following code:
%%base image
[X,Y,Z] = peaks;
%%add line above
line(X,Y,Z+15) %add height to Z
view(3) % change the position of the viewer
This code will give you
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Paul C
Paul C on 22 Aug 2017
Hi, thanks for the suggestion. However I would like to take only 1 line, say data along X = 15. I can't just put X=15 into it.

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