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Multiplicator instead of Integrator in Simulink

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Camilo Gustavo Manzur
Camilo Gustavo Manzur on 15 Nov 2016
In Simulink, is there any block similar to the discrete integrator block, but instead of integrating - i.e. adding- one signal values over time, one which multiply one signal values over time?
I'll explain it in symbolical way. Let u(t) be the signal value at moment 't', The integrator block adds u(t) values over time, then its results in I(t)=Σu(t),t=0...T. Now, I need the multiplication of signal values instead of its integration. So I need M(t)=u(o)*u(1)*...*u(t)=∏u(t).I want the M(t) values, where t=0...T

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