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show the position of centroids on the image

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Hassan on 17 Dec 2011
I have a binary image, BW and a grayscale image, I. I want to select only regions in the binary image with the same value that have an area > 50. for example there are 50 regions with area>50 and BW==1. I wonder how to show the position of the centroids of these regions with their number (1:50) on the image. Any suggestion?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 17 Dec 2011
Size filtering and finding and displaying centroids is done in my demo "BlobsDemo" as well as some other useful things.

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bym on 17 Dec 2011
from the documentation:
I = imread('coins.png');
figure, imshow(I)
bw = im2bw(I, graythresh(getimage));
figure, imshow(bw)
bw2 = imfill(bw,'holes');
L = bwlabel(bw2);
s = regionprops(L, 'centroid');
centroids = cat(1, s.Centroid);
%Display original image and superimpose centroids.
plot(imgca,centroids(:,1), centroids(:,2), 'r*')
Hassan on 19 Dec 2011
thanks Image Analyst. your code was quite useful.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Dec 2011
If centroid #K is at position x, y, then to label that point on the graph with that number, use
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Hassan on 19 Dec 2011
thanks Walter. this was what I wanted to complete proecsm's code for my work.

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