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How to move a lengend to the front with subplots

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Al on 16 Aug 2015
Edited: Al on 16 Aug 2015
Hi have a figure with two subplots. The data for the legend comes from the top subplot. There is some empty space on the bottom subplot. When I drag the legend to the bottom subplot is disappears behind the plot.
I tried
I=legend({'$100 \hspace mm^{2}$'},'Location','southwest')
set(I, 'Interpreter', 'latex','Visible', 'on')
no joy


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Aug 2015
Are you using R2014b or later, or R2014a or earlier? legend() is implemented differently as of R2014b .
Did you try
Al on 16 Aug 2015
Thanks. I tried
however the legend is still behind the lower sub plot. I am using 2015a.

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