How can I upload data to the MATLAB Mobile Cloud from my Android tablet?

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Nicholas Sullivan
Nicholas Sullivan on 24 Jul 2015
Commented: Nicholas Sullivan on 28 Jul 2015
I'm creating data files on my Android tablet, and I need to use them in MATLAB Mobile. However, MATLAB Mobile only allows using data that's on the cloud, not data that's on the device storage. I need to get the data onto the cloud without using a PC, so moving the data onto a PC and uploading it from there is not an option. The data is just a txt file.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Jul 2015
Note: Uploads from mobile devices are not supported.
On the other hand, what happens if you try to access the cloud storage page at ? It uses javascript and looks like it might use Adobe TypeKit but I do not see obvious Flash, so it might possibly work from a browser.

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