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how can do thresholding on some images that many object in my image stay?

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jack nn
jack nn on 4 Jul 2015
Commented: jack nn on 4 Jul 2015
hi everybody I want to do thresholding on some images but I want that many objects in my image stay. my images are diffrent from each other but I have a general way. can you help me?


Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 Jul 2015
Probably, or possibly. But I don't know what "stay" means in that context. I also don't know what "a general way" means. Do you want to use the same fixed threshold on each image, or do you want the threshold to vary depending on what's in the image?
jack nn
jack nn on 4 Jul 2015
I mean that when I convert image to binary I want that more details stay in my image. I saw otsu and some other methods too . when I said generally I mean that I have some different images so I thought that I should select an adaptive method. I appreciate your helps and supports in advanced.

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