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Why is the origin of my triangulated point cloud above the camera.

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kijo maken
kijo maken on 2 Jul 2015
Commented: Dima Lisin on 27 Jul 2015
We calibrated a stereo pair using the Matlab stereo calibration app. Then we used built in Matlab functions to calculate the 3D locations of checkerboard points relative to our reference camera frame. See code below text. The problem is that the frame that the point clouds are in is 9 cm above the camera. Does this indicate that we have a problem with the optical center in calibration? We would like the frame for the point cloud to be precisely in the center of the reference camera. [I1, newOrigin1] = undistortImage(Id1,stereoParams.CameraParameters1); [I2, newOrigin2] = undistortImage(Id2,stereoParams.CameraParameters2);
[features1 cb1size] = detectCheckerboardPoints(I1); [features2 cb2size] = detectCheckerboardPoints(I2);
features1 = bsxfun(@plus, features1, newOrigin1); features2 = bsxfun(@plus, features2, newOrigin2);
[Cloud, ~] = triangulate(features1, features2, stereoParams);
Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin on 27 Jul 2015
Hi Kijo,
Can you please post a link to the images and the stereoParameters object? Keep in mind that the points will be in camera1's coordinates, not in the checkerboard coordinates.

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