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how can get coordinate of left and top and bottom and right object of binary Image?

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jack nn
jack nn on 27 May 2015
Commented: jack nn on 28 May 2015
hi everyone I have an Image that is binary...I want to imcrop a segment of image that contain all of objects. but I want to do this in a way that the rect that I choose be smallest. I think if I have the coordinates of the objects that is in( left and top) of Img and (bottom and right) I can do this. Can you help me? Is there any way?
I mean object that I use a red circle around them in this image.


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 May 2015
stats = regionprops(YourImage, 'BoundingBox');
boxes = vertcat(stats.BoundingBox);
lefts = boxes(:,1);
rights = lefts + boxes(:,3);
tops = boxes(:,2);
bottoms = tops + boxes(:,4);
upperleft = [min(lefts), min(tops)];
lowerright = [max(rights), max(bottoms)];
cropat = [upperleft, (lowerright - upperleft)];


jack nn
jack nn on 27 May 2015
thanks dear Walter Roberson I want to result be an image like this:
but when I use this code my result is like this:
Can you help me?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 May 2015
It's just indexing to extract it!
croppedImage = binaryImage(upperLeft(2):lowerRight(2), upperLeft(1):lowerRight(1));
jack nn
jack nn on 28 May 2015
thanks @Image Analyst and @Walter Roberson. excuse me I am beginner. I really appreciate you for your help.

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