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Why does my copy of 2015a keep crashing with "internal error"?

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Alex Fuglsang
Alex Fuglsang on 12 Mar 2015
I just downloaded 2015a - academic licence, and whenever I close a figure the program crashes and displays the error message I have attached (Abnormal Termination: Access violation). I have successfully activated the program with a valid licence number, and I also have 2014a running on this computer on this licence, and it runs the same m-files without issue.

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pinchies on 30 Mar 2015
I am getting the same problem, academic license, with MATLAB 2015a crashing on launch.
Only difference is I am using a mac!
Crash log here.


Alex Fuglsang
Alex Fuglsang on 30 Mar 2015
I tried that, but it kept crashing. I'm thinking it might have been because I was running two versions
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Mar 2015
Two versions of MATLAB can coexist on the computer quite happily. I've done it with many versions over many years. The best and fastest way to solve it is to call the Mathworks for free telephone help, even for student and home versions. Installation help is always, always, free for ALL versions.

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Sam on 15 Jul 2015
Has anyone found a soulution that worked? I'm having the same issue seems to crash intermittently when I use 'uigetfile'. Tried reinstalling and removing all other copies of matlab but none of them fixed the issue.


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