Property settings for axes of greyscale histogram on gui?

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Sean on 2 Mar 2015
Commented: Sean on 4 Mar 2015
Im trying to plot a histogram of a grey scale image using a gui, I'm having trouble with the property inspector belonging to the axes which Im using in the gui.fig? how do I get the axes to be 0-256 along the x axis (greyscale) etc?

Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Mar 2015
After you call bar() or plot(), just use xlim().
xlim([0, 255]);
By the way, gray levels don't go past 255 unless you have a 16 bit image or a floating point image. You can't get 256 with a uint8 image.
Sean on 4 Mar 2015
I tried compressing the .fig file to a zip but it is still 15.1MB which is too large to attach!

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