How to plot a point 300 pixels to the right in an image?

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Sean on 23 Feb 2015
Edited: Sean on 23 Feb 2015
So I've a variable created called 'J' which is situated at a certain point in the image, how do I plot it 300 pixels to the right of the point its situated? it seems to be moving along the wrong axis when Im trying to move it rightwards.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Feb 2015
What is J? I'll assume it's a 1 by 2 array with the x (column) coordinate, followed by the y (row) coordinate. Then to plot 300 columns to the right, do
plot(J(1)+300, J(2), 'r*', 'MarkerSize', 20, 'LineWidth', 2);
Make sure you're not making the very common mistake of mixing up x,y with row, column - that's almost certainly what you're doing. Remember images take indexes of (row, column) which is (y, x) while plot() takes (x,y) which is (column, row). Make sure you get it straight - like I said, this is a very common error.
Sean on 23 Feb 2015
For example, See J plotted as the blue star. I'm looking to get the centre of the line or midpoint. Thanks also for the help!

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