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How to re allocate memory in the same array using mxRealloc?

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Hariprasad on 1 Dec 2014
Edited: Hariprasad on 1 Dec 2014
I'm trying to do some calculations in my code wherein I want to append data in respective double arrays after each iteration. For Ex.
double *outliers, *zerodata;
int index,i,j;
for(j = 0; j< index; j++)
for(i=0; i<100; i++)
doing calculations and saving in temporary arrays;
outliers = mxCalloc(100,mxREAL);
zerodata = mxCalloc(100,mxREAL);
inserting temporary data into outliers and zerodata;
Can I do something like this in the else part
outliers = mxRealloc(outliers,(outliers+100) * sizeof(*outliers));
I would want to keep appending data in outliers and zerodata array.

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