How do I extract a vector from a single field in a structured variable?

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Marissa Holden
Marissa Holden on 18 Jan 2022
Edited: Stephen23 on 18 Jan 2022
I am trying to create a vector variable from a field of an 8x1 structure.
To create the structure I used the dir function - I am trying to create a vector of subfolders name and set the code up so that it can take out the names if different folders were in the original folder.
I type:
folders_temp = dir('data_CLEANED');
folder_names = folders_temp(~ismember({},{'.','..'})); %just doing this to get rid of dot and dot dot
participant_ID = []
The participant names all crammed together in a single cell
Is there a way to create a vector with each participant code having its own cell?
Stephen23 on 18 Jan 2022
"... when I want it to return [MH, TM, JW]"
In MATLAB square brackets are a concatenation operator, not a list operator like in some other languages.
What you need is a cell array, just as Benjamin shows:

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Accepted Answer

_ on 18 Jan 2022
Maybe this?
folder_names = struct('name',{'a','bb','ccc'})
folder_names = 1×3 struct array with fields:
participant_ID = {}
participant_ID = 1×3 cell array
{'a'} {'bb'} {'ccc'}

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