Uipanel always on top in 2014b?

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In the old days, this code would stack the objects in order of creation.
f=figure('units','pixels','position',[200 200 600 600])
a1= axes('parent',f,'units','pixels','position',[20 20 200 200],'color',[1 1 0])
u = uipanel('units','pixels','position',[50 50 300 300],'backgroundcolor',[1 0 1])
a = axes('parent',f,'units','pixels','position',[200 200 200 200],'color',[0 1 1])
But in 2014b it puts the uipanel on top, and reflects this in the ordering of the get(f,'children').
Won't run when the figure contains a uipanel.
Am i correct that there is no longer any way to stack a uipanel underneath an axes?

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