the sign of curvature in Lane Keeping Assist System

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Yao Xiao
Yao Xiao on 28 Oct 2021
Edited: Yao Xiao on 30 Oct 2021
Hi All,
I'm new to simulink and planning to use the Lane Keeping Assist System from automated driving toolbox.
I've noticed that the input curvature of that block is a signed variable, and according to the explanation,
the curvature is positive when the road curves toward the positive Y axis of the global coordinate system.
However, what I don't know is, how is this global coordinate system defined.
According to the following image, X-Y is the global coordinate, and Vx-Vy is the vehicle coordinate, but it's rather hard to find out the relationship between the global coordinate and the vehicle coordinate.
Can I assume the global coordinate is the lane coordinte (Lx-Ly, where Lx is the tangent of the lanecenterline)?
And under this assumption, a curve to the left will always have a positive curvature, and a curve to the right will have negative curvature. Is that correct?
Thank you very much in advance!

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