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RGB Channel extraction then recombining RGB channels?

Asked by Portgas Ace on 16 Aug 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Image Analyst
on 16 Aug 2014
Hi! I have an image of an eye:
So what i want to do is to extract those yellowish things found in the image. Is it possible to extract those yellowish things by extracting its RGB channels?
The yellowish things have(based on impixelregion of the image) R: 160-220 range B: 20-50 range G: 130-180 range
How do you combine then extract pixels with RGB values stated above so that an output image containing only those will be the result?


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 16 Aug 2014

I have several color segmentation routines in my File Exchange to help you with 'i want to extract from the original image the pixels with yellowish color"


your "Color segmentation by Delta E color difference" doesnt work well since the colors in the images i am using were pretty much close to each other.
Did you try to adjust the delta E threshold? Or did you just use the one that I picked for the demo image, which worked well for the demo image but might not for your image? If the things you want to find are the same color as the things you don't want to find, how can you see them in the image? Maybe you need to combine color with some other kind of information, like spatial. How did the people who successfully published papers here in VisionBib do it? Have you just given up?

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