How do I reformat a set of differently formatted dates in to one consistent format?

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I have a set of data (a cell array) where one column consist of dates, now these dates have been entered in a variety of ways, here is how it looks:
'Feb 2001'
What I would like to do is to convert all these to one uniform format. For the first three entries it works to do the following:
For the 'unknown' I can do strcmp(char(tableOfData(5,:)),'unknown') and replace with NaT or NaN or 0 or something.
But how do I deal with the rest of the entries?
Thank you in advance!

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Accepted Answer

Stephen on 24 Aug 2021
Edited: Stephen on 24 Aug 2021
There is no tool which will correctly interpret the mutually-exclusive date formats used around the world:
The only reliable date format is ISO 8601:
You can easily convert a subset of formats that you specify:
C = {'1/1/1999';'2/1/1999';'3/1/99';'Feb 2001';'unknown';'4-2001';'5/2000'};
T = cellfun(@myfun,C)
T = 7×1 datetime array
01-Jan-1999 02-Jan-1999 03-Jan-1999 01-Feb-2001 NaT 01-Apr-2001 01-May-2000
function T = myfun(D)
T = NaT;
for f = ["dd/MM/yy","MM/yy","MM-yy","MMM yy"] % create this list to suit your data
T = datetime(D, 'InputFormat',f);
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Emanuel Gunnarsson
Emanuel Gunnarsson on 24 Aug 2021
Oh, wow! I wasn't aware that I could use 'try', and I hadn't thought about making a function, I was just going for a 'for' loop with 'if' statements.
This seems to do the trick, I will try it and then hopefully accept your answer.
Thank you!
Update: Yes it worked as a charm, thank you Stephen!

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng on 24 Aug 2021
Emanuel Gunnarsson
Emanuel Gunnarsson on 24 Aug 2021
Thank you for the tip Yongjian!
I had a look at the table of predefined formats and it is like you say, those latter ones doesn't seem to be supported.
How do you mean I should parse it? Using regexp in some way?

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