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How can I change the default settings for the 'linewidth' property before I plot a figure in MATLAB?

I would like to change the 'LineWidth' property for all my figures by default for my current session of MATLAB.




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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 31 Jan 2017
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You can set the default MATLAB linewidth property by setting the 'DefaultLineLineWidth' property of the root graphics object. When new lines are created, they will inherit this property from the root object.
set(0, 'DefaultLineLineWidth', 2);
For more information on setting default properties consult,


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Answer by Gaurav Modak on 3 Feb 2017

I also need the answer of the above question... line width is too short when we copy it or when we take the print (hard copy) of simulink model...

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Could you expand on how you are copying it, and what you are doing to print? Does the problem show up in PDF that you generate from R2014b or later?

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