Specify start trigger source terminal


The StartTriggerTerminal property specifies a synchronization trigger connection to start the NI-XNET channel on the connected source terminal.

To configure an NI-XNET CAN module (such as NI 9862) to start acquisition on an external signal triggering event provided at an external chassis terminal, set the CAN channel StartTriggerTerminal property to the appropriate terminal name. Form the property value character vector by combining the chassis name from the NI MAX utility and the trigger terminal name; for example, '/cDAQ3/PFI0'.


This property can be configured only once. After it is assigned, the property is read-only and cannot be changed. The only way to set a different value is to clear the channel object, recreate the channel with canChannel, and configure its properties.



NI-XNET CAN channel

Read only

After assigned

Data type

Character vector


Configure a NI-XNET CAN module start trigger on terminal /cDAQ3/PFI0.

ch1 = canChannel('NI','CAN1')
ch1.StartTriggerTerminal = '/cDAQ3/PFI0'
start(ch1)  % Acquisition begins on hardware trigger

With a hardware triggering configuration, the InitialTimestamp value represents the absolute time the CAN channel acquisition was triggered. The Timestamp of the received CAN messages is relative to the trigger moment.

messages = receive(ch1,Inf);

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Introduced in R2016a