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Analyze Performance on Device

Visualize and analyze SoC application performance on SoC device

Using SoC Blockset™, you can measure memory performance and task execution on an SoC device. You can then use these measurements to visualize, analyze, and tune an SoC model to meet your desired system performance. Interact in real time with an SoC device by using MATLAB® as an AXI Master, using Host I/O blocks, or running the SoC model in external mode.


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UDP Read (HOST)Receive UDP packets on local host computer from remote host
UDP Write (HOST)Send UDP packets from host computer to remote host


socHardwareBoardConnection to SoC hardware board
socAXIMasterRead and write memory locations on hardware board from MATLAB
socIPCoreCreate object to represent IP core running on FPGA board
socMemoryProfilerRetrieve and display memory performance data

Simulink Configuration Parameters


Profile Task Execution

Code Instrumentation Profiler

Use code instrumentation profiling to measure task execution timing on an SoC device.

Kernel Instrumentation Profiler

Use kernel instrumentation profiling to measure task execution timing on an SoC device.

Profile Task Execution on Processor

Capture task execution timing and state from a processor using a code and kernel instrumentation profiler.

Recording Tasks for Use in Simulation

Task execution timing data and statistics recorded during simulation or from hardware.

External Mode Execution

Run Multiprocessor Models in External Mode

Run an multiprocessor SoC model in external mode running on separate processors on the hardware board.

Data Logging Techniques

Techniques to log processor data from SoC hardware boards.

Measure Memory Performance

Memory Performance Information from FPGA Execution

Obtain memory interconnect traffic information from a design running on FPGA.

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