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Traceability Between Model Elements

Link and navigate between requirements and model-based design elements such as Simulink® blocks, Stateflow® elements, and Simulink Test™ test cases

Use the Requirements Management Interface (RMI) to link and establish traceability between requirements and Simulink model elements such as:

  • Simulink blocks, including library and reference blocks

  • Data dictionary entries

  • Signal groups in Signal Builder blocks

  • Stateflow elements

  • Simulink Test test cases

You can also establish requirements traceability links from one Simulink model object to a different model element.

Navigate from the model element to its associated requirement by using the traceability links.


rmiInteract programmatically with Requirements Management Interface


Link Model Objects

Create requirements links between Simulink objects.

Link Test Cases to Requirements Documents

Link a Simulink Test test case to a requirements document.

Link Simulink Data Dictionary Entries to Requirements

Link Simulink data dictionary entries to requirements.

Link Signal Builder Blocks to Requirements and Simulink Model Objects

Create links from a signal group in a Signal Builder block to a requirements document and to Simulink model objects.

Requirements Links for Library Blocks and Reference Blocks

Use the Requirements Management Interface (RMI) to create and manage requirements links in libraries and in models.

Navigate to Requirements from Model

Navigate from a model object to linked requirements.

Link to Requirements Modeled in Simulink

Link between a state and a subsystem that verifies the behavior in simulation.