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Upgrade All Project Models

    Tip:   Before upgrading, if you put your project under source control, you can easily revert changes later if you want. See Add a Project to Source Control.

Upgrade all models in your Simulink® project to the latest release using a simple workflow. The Upgrade Project tool can apply all fixes automatically when possible, upgrade all model hierarchies in the project at once, and produce a report. You do not need to open the Upgrade Advisor.

  1. On the Simulink Project tab, select Run Checks > Upgrade.

  2. In the Upgrade Project dialog box, to upgrade all models, run all checks, and apply fixes automatically where possible, click Upgrade. If you want to change the settings, use these options before clicking Upgrade:

    • If you want to run upgrade checks but not apply fixes automatically where possible, clear the check box Apply upgrades automatically.

    • If you want to change which models to upgrade and which checks to run, click Change Options. In the Upgrade Options dialog box, clear check boxes for models and checks you want to exclude from the upgrade. For example, you might want to exclude checks that require an Update Diagram.

    When you click Upgrade, the tool runs the checks and applies fixes if specified. Upgrading can take several minutes.

  3. Examine the Upgrade Project Report. The summary at the top shows how many files passed and how many files require attention.

    1. Select files in the left list to view check results on the right. By default, the left list shows any files that need attention. Show instead all files, files that passed, or files that passed with fixes, by using the Show files control.

    2. Select checks in the right list to read details of results and any applied fixes in the lower pane.

  4. To save a report of the upgrade results, click Publish Report and choose a file name and location.

  5. To close the interactive report, click Finish.

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