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Ports and Data Manager

The Ports and Data Manager provides a convenient method for defining objects and modifying their properties in a MATLAB Function block.

The Ports and Data Manager provides the same data definition capabilities for individual MATLAB Function blocks as the Model Explorer provides across the model hierarchy (see Model Explorer).

Ports and Data Manager Dialog Box

The Ports and Data Manager dialog box allows you to add and define data arguments, input triggers, and function call outputs for MATLAB Function blocks. Using this dialog, you can also modify properties for the MATLAB Function block and the objects it contains.

The dialog box consists of two panes:

  • The Contents (left) pane lists the objects that have been defined for the MATLAB Function block.

  • The Dialog (right) pane displays fields for modifying the properties of the selected object.

Properties vary according to the scope and type of the object. Therefore, the Ports and Data Manager properties dialogs are dynamic, displaying only the property fields that are relevant for the object you add or modify.

When you first open the dialog box, it displays the properties of the MATLAB Function block.

Opening the Ports and Data Manager

To open the Ports and Data Manager from the MATLAB Function Block Editor, select Edit Data on the Editor tab. The Ports and Data Manager appears for the MATLAB Function block that is open and has focus.

Ports and Data Manager Tools

The following tools are specific to the Ports and Data Manager:

Tool ButtonDescription

Go to Block Editor

Displays the MATLAB® function in the MATLAB Function Block Editor.

Show Block Dialog

Displays the default MATLAB function properties. To learn more, see MATLAB Function Block Properties. Use this button to return to the settings used by the block after viewing data associated with the block arguments.

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