Use the Library Browser

Libraries Pane

Use the libraries pane to locate blocks by navigating block libraries. The pane displays a tree view of the libraries installed on your system. You can navigate the tree using your mouse or keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move through the library and expand or collapse libraries. When you select a library, its contents appear in the blocks pane.

Add Blocks Used Recently

The Library Browser provides quick access to the blocks you have used most recently. At the bottom of the libraries pane, click Recently Used to display the blocks in the blocks pane.


Only blocks added to your model from the Library Browser appear under Recently Used.

Refresh the Library Browser

To refresh the libraries displayed in the Library Browser, right-click in the libraries pane and select Refresh Library Browser. The Library Browser updates to display any libraries or blocks added to or deleted from the MATLAB® path since the library browser was last opened or refreshed.

Refresh your library browser if you:

  • Modify existing libraries or resave them in .slx file format.

  • Update repository information for a library.

  • Move or delete your library files.

  • Add a library.

  • Change your Library Browser customizations. See Customize Library Browser Appearance.

Blocks Pane

The blocks pane in the Library Browser displays the contents of the library selected in the libraries pane. You can use the blocks pane to navigate libraries, view block parameters or help, and create instances of library blocks in models.

Navigate Libraries

To open a library in the blocks pane, double-click the library. To return to the parent, from the block context menu, select Go to parent.

View Block Description, Parameters, and Help

To display the description and library path of a block, hover over the block.

To view the block parameters, double-click the block or, from the block context menu, select Block parameters.

To display help for a library block, from the block context menu, select Help for the <name> block.

Add Blocks to Models from the Library

To add an instance of a library block to an open model using the Library Browser:

  • Select the block in the blocks pane and drag it into the model window.

  • From the block context menu, select Add block to model <model_name>, where <model_name> is the currently active model. If no model is open, use this command to create a model and add the block to it.

Search for Blocks in the Library Browser

  1. Enter the search string in the search text box or select from the recent search list.

  2. Use the search button menu to specify the search options you want to use, for example, match whole words.

  3. Press Enter to start the search.

The blocks pane displays the blocks found, grouped by library. To see where the search string matched, hover over a block. To navigate to a block’s library, from the block context menu, select Select in library view.