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Import Data

Build scenes using imported GIS data, OpenDRIVE® road networks, or HD map data

You can use data imported into RoadRunner to build scenes that model real-world locations. For example, RoadRunner enables you to import geographic information system (GIS) data, such as elevation maps or aerial imagery. Use this data as a visual reference when adding roads to a scene. To import GIS data or other assets into RoadRunner, drag the files in the Library Browser.

You can also import OpenDRIVE files, modify the scene in RoadRunner, and export the scene back to OpenDRIVE.

In addition, using the Scene Builder Tool, you can build scenes by importing data from high definition (HD) map services, such as HERE HD Live Map. Use of this tool requires RoadRunner Scene Builder Add-On.

To get started working with imported GIS data, use the World Settings Tool to set the geographic limits of the scene.

Aerial Image Asset sampleElevation Map Asset samplePoint Cloud Asset sampleVector Data Asset sampleOpenDRIVE import sampleScene Builder Tool import sample


World Settings ToolConfigure geographic position and size of environment model for data import and export
Aerial Imagery ToolManage import and configuration of aerial imagery files
Elevation Map ToolManage import and configuration of digital elevation model (DEM) files
Point Cloud ToolManage import and configuration of lidar point cloud files
Vector Data ToolManage import and configuration of vector data files and explore shape attributes
OpenDRIVE Viewer ToolVisualize OpenDRIVE data for import
Scene Builder ToolGenerate 3D scenes from HERE HD Live Map data


Elevation Map AssetsAdd GIS raster elevation data to scene
Aerial Image AssetsAdd GIS satellite and aerial imagery to scene for visual reference
Vector Data AssetsAdd GIS shapefiles and other vector data to scene for visual reference
Point Cloud AssetsAdd aerial or vehicular point clouds to scene for visual reference


Create Roads Around Imported GIS Assets

Import GIS assets into RoadRunner and use them as a reference to construct your road network.

Create, Import, and Modify Assets

Create assets by modifying existing RoadRunner assets or by importing files created outside of RoadRunner.

Importing OpenDRIVE Files

Import OpenDRIVE files and convert the data to the internal RoadRunner road format.

Decompress LAZ Files

Convert LAZ files to LAS files for use with RoadRunner.

Build Scenes by Using HERE HD Live Map Data

Use RoadRunner Scene Builder to build scenes from imported HERE HD Live Map data.

Configure Assets to Use for Imported HERE HD Live Map Data

Configure which assets to use for rendering poles, barriers, and signs imported from HERE HD Live Map.

GIS Data Resources for RoadRunner

Get links and examples for obtaining GIS data that is compatible with RoadRunner software.