Dynamic Load (Three-Phase)

Four-quadrant dynamic load

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The Dynamic Load (Three-Phase) block models a four-quadrant dynamic load using the energy conservation principle.

Real and reactive powers (positive-sequence) are specified by inputs P and Q respectively. Phase currents computations are based on real power, P, reactive power, Q, and the terminal voltages. Three current sources, connected in Wye with an internal grounded neutral, draw and generate the current in each phase. Both P and Q can be positive or negative.


Use the Variables settings to specify the priority and initial target values for the block variables before simulation. For more information, see Set Priority and Initial Target for Block Variables (Simscape).

Unlike block parameters, variables do not have conditional visibility. The Variables settings include all the existing block variables. If a variable is not used in the set of equations corresponding to the selected block configuration, the values specified for this variable are ignored.



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Physical signal input associated with real power.

Physical signal input associated with reactive power.


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Expandable electrical conserving port associated with the three-phase voltage.


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Nominal AC electrical frequency.

Phase-to-phase RMS voltage at the beginning of simulation.

Phase angle at the beginning of simulation.

Extended Capabilities

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Introduced in R2019a