Permanent Magnet

Brushless DC motor, permanent magnet synchronous motors

Provide rotational power for high-energy applications using permanent magnet motors.

Simscape Blocks

BLDCThree-winding brushless DC motor with trapezoidal flux distribution
FEM-Parameterized PMSMPermanent magnet synchronous motor defined in terms of magnetic flux linkage
Hybrid Excitation PMSMHybrid excitation synchronous machine with three-phase wye-wound stator
PMSMPermanent magnet synchronous motor with sinusoidal flux distribution
PMSM (Single-Phase)Single-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor
Simplified PMSM DriveBrushless motor model with closed-loop torque control


ee_calculateFluxPartialDerivativesCalculate flux partial derivatives for FEM-Parameterized PMSM block
ee_generateIdealPMSMfluxDataGenerate tabulated flux linkage data for ideal PMSM


Simulating Thermal Effects in Rotational and Translational Actuators

Simulate generated heat and device temperature by using the thermal ports.