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Pumps and Motors

Fixed- and variable-displacement devices for mechanical-hydraulic energy conversion

Simscape Blocks

Angle SensorIdeal angle sensor with measuring range from 0 to 360 degrees
Centrifugal PumpCentrifugal pump with choice of parameterization options
Fixed-Displacement MotorHydraulic-to-mechanical power conversion device
Fixed-Displacement PumpMechanical-to-hydraulic power conversion device
Jet PumpJet liquid-liquid pump
Porting Plate Variable OrificeVariable orifice between piston and porting plate
Swash PlateSwash plate mechanism
Variable-Displacement MotorVariable-displacement bidirectional hydraulic motor
Variable-Displacement Pressure-Compensated PumpHydraulic pump maintaining preset pressure at outlet by regulating its flow delivery
Variable-Displacement PumpVariable-displacement bidirectional hydraulic pump


Modeling Power Units

Modeling considerations for hydraulic power generation systems

Pump and Motor Characteristic Curves

Plot the characteristic curves of components such as pumps and motors to aid in component design and optimization.