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Radar waveform analyzer


The Radar Waveform Analyzer app is a tool for exploring the properties of various kinds of signals often used in radar and sonar systems. The app lets you determine the basic performance characteristics of the following waveforms:

  • Rectangular

  • Linear FM

  • Stepped FM

  • Phase-coded

  • FMCW

Each waveform has a set of parameters that are unique to its kind. After you select a signal, the signal parameters menu changes so you can quickly modify the signal. Parameters you can set include the duration, pulse-repetition frequency, number of pulse, bandwidth and sample rate. Changing the propagation speed lets you display properties of sound waves in air and water, or electromagnetic waves. After you enter all the information for a signal of interest, the app displays basic characteristics such as range resolution, Doppler resolution, maximum and minimum range and maximum Doppler.

The Radar Waveform Analyzer app lets you produce a variety of plots and images. These are plots of the waveform’s

  • Real and imaginary components

  • Magnitude and phase

  • Spectrum

  • Spectrogram

  • Representations of the ambiguity function

    • Contour

    • Surface

    • Delay cut

    • Doppler cut

  • Autocorrelation function


 Rectangular Waveform

 Linear FM Waveform

Introduced in R2013a