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Solve problems that model electrical and magnetic fields

Solve second-order PDEs that model static electrical and magnetic fields, harmonic electrical fields in conductors, and direct current electrical conduction. Equations and boundary conditions for these applications must be specified in a particular divergence form required by the toolbox. For details, see Equations You Can Solve Using PDE Toolbox.


Electromagnetics Problems

Poisson's Equation on Unit Disk

Solve a simple elliptic PDE in the form of Poisson's equation on a unit disk.

Wave Equation on Square Domain

Solve a standard second-order wave equation.

Scattering Problem

Compute reflected waves from an object illuminated by incident waves.

Minimal Surface Problem

Solve a nonlinear elliptic problem.

Poisson's Equation with Point Source and Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Solve a Poisson's equation with a delta-function point source on the unit disk using the adaptmesh function.

Electromagnetics Equations

Electrostatics and Magnetostatics

Equations used to model electrostatics and magnetostatics problems.

AC Power Electromagnetics Equations

Equations used to model harmonic electrical fields in conductors.

DC Conduction

Equations used to model DC conduction problems.