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Maximum number of workers allowed to process work simultaneously


--num-workers count


num-workers defines the number of concurrent MATLAB® execution requests that a server instance can simultaneously process. It should correspond to the number of hardware threads available on the local host.

If you specify a single value for the mcr-root property, the num-workers property determines the fixed size of the worker pool.

If you specify more than one value for the mcr-root property, num-workers specifies a maximum limit on the size of each subpool specific to a MATLAB Runtime version. There can be more than specified number of worker processes at a time, but at a maximum only the specified number of workers are allowed to process a request.



Number of workers available to evaluate functions.

This value must be one or greater.

The maximum value is determined by the number of license keys available for MATLAB Production Server™.


Allow 10 workers to process requests at a time.

--num-workers 10