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Configure License Manager on Same Machine as MATLAB

This procedure consists of setting up the license server and setting up MATLAB®.

Step 1: Set Up License Server

  1. Obtain a fixed MAC address.

    To host the license manager in the cloud, you must have a fixed address:

    • Azure: When you create a virtual network, the virtual network MAC address is retained even when the virtual machine is in the deallocated state. See Azure Virtual Network FAQ.

    • AWS: Use an Elastic Network Interface (ENI), which contains a static MAC address attribute. See Elastic Network Interfaces.

      When you delete cloud resources, you also delete the fixed MAC address. Changing the fixed MAC address in MathWorks License Center is limited to four times per year.

  2. Deactivate and activate license.

    1. Deactivate license: If this license has been activated previously, you must deactivate the license first. Otherwise, you can go directly to activate license (next step).

      1. Go to License Center and click the license that you want to deactivate.

      2. Go to the Install and Activate tab.

      3. Click the Activation Label.

      4. Click Deactivate.

      5. Shut down the existing network license manager, if applicable. See Manage the License Manager for instructions.

    2. Activate license using the fixed MAC address.

      1. Click on the license to activate.

      2. Go to the Install and Activate tab.

      3. Click Activate to Retrieve License File.

      4. Under Host ID, enter fixed MAC address.

      5. Click Continue when you have completed all fields.

  3. Download the license file you received in the previous step (with activation) onto the server machine in folder $MATLAB/licenses, where $MATLAB is your MATLAB root.

  4. Start the network license manager. See Start the Network License Manager in Installation and Licensing documentation for instructions.

Step 2: Set Up Machine Running MATLAB

  1. Disable online licensing.

    1. Find license_info.xml and rename it to something else. This file is generally located in $MATLAB/licenses, where $MATLAB is the MATLAB root.

    2. In License Center, change license manager type to Network license manager.

  2. Create a license file that points to the server.

    1. Open the network license file (license.dat) on the server.

    2. Copy the SERVER line into a new text file.

    3. Beneath it, add USE_SERVER. The file should now look something like this:

      SERVER Server1 0123abcd0123 12345

      Where “12345” is an example of a port number. Use the correct port number for your server.

    4. Save the new text file as network.lic in folder $MATLAB/licenses, where $MATLAB is your MATLAB root.

  3. Verify that the license is pointing to the server correctly by running MATLAB.

You have completed this procedure. Contact Support. if you require additional assistance.

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