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Before You Begin

This document shows administrators how to set up a MATLAB® Production Server™ license for use with the MATLAB Production Server cloud reference architecture and MATLAB Production Server (BYOL) on Azure®. If you are an end user, contact your administrator.

To use the reference architecture, you must have R2018a or later. To use MATLAB Production Server (BYOL) on Azure, you must have R2019b or later. The cloud deployment is configured to use the network license manager by default. Follow these instructions for activating the license.

If you have questions about any part of this licensing configuration process, contact MathWorks Cloud Support.

License Configuration Requirements

To activate your license for MATLAB Production Server running on the cloud:

  • You must be an administrator of a MATLAB Production Server license. If you do not have a MATLAB Production Server, you can request a trial by contacting your MathWorks sales representative. If you are not sure that you are an administrator, sign in to your MathWorks Account to check which licenses you are associated to as an administrator.

  • The MATLAB Production Server license you are using must be current on Software Maintenance Service. Learn more.

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