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Before You Begin

This document shows administrators how to set up a license for use with the MATLAB® Parallel Server™ cloud reference architecture. If you are an end user, contact your administrator.

To use the default MATLAB Parallel Server installation provided as part of MathWorks reference architecture (Azure or AWS), you must be using R2018a or later. The installation is configured to use online licensing by default. This license manager may be different than your current license configuration. Follow these instructions for setting up your license to use this installation.

If you have questions about any part of this license configuration process, contact MathWorks Cloud Support.

License Configuration Requirements

To set up your license to use MATLAB Parallel Server running on the cloud:

  • You must be an administrator of a MATLAB Parallel Server license. If you do not have a server license, you can request a free trial or contact your MathWorks sales representative. If you are not sure that you are an administrator, or if you are not sure if you are associated to a MATLAB Parallel Server license, sign in to your MathWorks Account. Click on the MATLAB Parallel Server license. If you see a “Manage Users” tab, you are an administrator.

  • The MATLAB Parallel Server license you are using must be current on Software Maintenance Service. Learn more

  • All licensed end users must be associated to the server license. (Instructions are included in this procedure.)

  • The end user’s MATLAB license must include Parallel Computing Toolbox . The toolbox is required so that jobs can be submitted to the cluster running the server. End users must be using the same release as the cluster.

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