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Add End Users to License

For online licensing to know which users have permission to check out a license, you must define a list of allowed users for that license. Allowed users must have a MathWorks Account associated with the on-demand license.

You can associate end users yourself or you can generate emails so that end users can associate themselves. Both actions are performed in License Center.

  1. Sign in to the MathWorks Account that is associated with the license you want to use.

  2. In your MathWorks Account, click on the MATLAB® Parallel Server™ license.

  3. Go to Manage Users.

    • Associate end users manually:

      1. Click Add User.

      2. Add an end user. Repeat this step for as many end users as you need to associate.

    • Invite end users to associate themselves:

    1. Click Invite End Users to Add Themselves.

    2. Enter email addresses in the template.

When you have finished, go to Disable Network License Manager for MATLAB Parallel Server.

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