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Date = today returns the current date as a serial date number.


Date = today(outputType) returns the current date using an optional outputType. The type of output is determined by an optional outputType variable input.


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Use today to return the current date with the default serial date number.

Date = today
Date = 738400

Use the optional argument outputType to return a datetime array.

Date = today('datetime')
Date = datetime

Input Arguments

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Type of output, specified as a character vector with values 'datetime' or 'datenum'.

If outputType is 'datenum', then Date is a serial date number. If outputType is 'datetime', then Date is a datetime array. By default, outputType is 'datenum'.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Current date, returned as a serial date number or datetime array, depending on the optional input argument outputType.

Introduced before R2006a